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ThePhotoGuestBook is a fun, affordable alternative to the costly “must haves” you may be considering for your celebration.
It’s an entertaining guest book, a delightful candid photo album, and a personalized guest favor.

ThePhotoGuestBook is one-stop shopping that will guarantee a lifetime of pleasant memories for you and your guests.  It replaces several typically expensive items.

Guest Books

Signing the guest book is a common custom.  Unfortunately, it’s pretty impersonal and just not that much fun.  Many people get missed.  You spend a good amount of money on an item of limited value that will eventually find its way to your closet and never be heard from, again.


ThePhotoGuestBook allows your guests to express their “best wishes” in a very creative way.  They’ll want to do it because it’s both fun and personal.  It’s something different.  It’s entertaining.  It gives everyone an enjoyable way to thank you for inviting them to celebrate with you.  It’s a better way to spend your money.

Disposable Cameras

Single-use cameras have become somewhat of a tradition for many celebrations.  People see them as a cheap way of getting pictures of their guests.  Unfortunately, the total cost and effort of producing a small number of decent photos is far more expensive than one might think.

  • Good Intentions – Many people think the purpose is to get photos of the guest(s) of honor.  Pictures of others are missed in the rush to take yours.

  • Operator Error – Many people forget to charge the flash or hold the camera steady.  Too much film is wasted.  Too many people get missed.

  • Lost In Transit – Many cameras go missing.  More people get missed.

  • The Basic Cost The cost for an event with one-hundred guests will be between $190 and $360.  This covers the retail price / sales tax / shipping / handling / developing / printing.  The cost per picture is very high.

  • The Real Cost – Only a few of all the pictures taken are really worth keeping.  Then you must add in the cost of your time and energy to:  find and purchase the cameras; distribute, explain, and collect them; then develop and print them.  The cost per picture has now increased quite dramatically for pictures that are of a very poor quality and questionable value..

ThePhotoGuestBook is a more fun, efficient, and cost effective way of  getting better pictures that you will cherish for a lifetime.  Less hassle.  Happier memories.

Guest Favors

Giving simple gifts to the people who attend your celebration is part of many cultural traditions.  A favor is intended as a symbolic remembrance of the occasion.  Too often it becomes much too extravagant and expensive.
People are often spending $3-$6 per guest on manufactured gifts or.  Even simple items like matchbooks or napkins can be surprisingly expensive.  Making favors by hand can be both expensive and time-consuming.  They may take you away from more important concerns right before your big day.

ThePhotoGuestBook photo favor is a perfect, cost effective alternative to spending too much time and money on gifts that are mostly left behind or discarded.  It allows you to give a personalized gift that everyone will take home and enjoy for years –  framed portraits of themselves.

Thank-You Notes

The polite thing to do after most celebrations is to send  thank-you notes to everyone who attended or sent a gift.  You all know how much fun this can be.  You dread doing it and keep putting it off.  People start to wonder if you ever received their gifts.  Eventually, they may even be forgotten.  Your mothers and Emily Post will be so embarrassed.

Let ThePhotoGuestBook relieve much of the stress of this potential embarrassment.  Consider sending a photo along with each thank-you note.  Sending an autographed picture of yourselves or individual pictures of the guests taken at the event will make it more fun for everyone.  You’ll look forward to reliving your special day with each thank-you and your guests will appreciate receiving such personalized attention in such a timely manner.  Your mothers will be so proud.



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